Immerse, Merge, E_volve

What is E_Merzion?

Welcome to E_Merzion. E_Merzion’s origins started as a combination of ideas and concepts that eventually became the website you see. Immersion, Merge, and Evolve; these are the concepts that eventually became E_Merzion.



This site is dedicated to video games. The games, the industry, the technology, and the community that has made these games an integral part of our society. This website wants to hopefully something different from the usual site dedicated to video games, because like was stated above, E_Merzion is not just a site, it is an idea, a way of thinking.



The first, Immersion is the concept of fully taking part in any activity (especially video games) or idea and of course, life. If a person holds back then they can never really grasp the concept or fully enjoy the activity that a they are participating in, you end up missing out or worse, end up with a misunderstanding of what they are doing. It is about accepting and being open to new ideas and trying new things that help make this world what is and what it will become. (Which is really what video games are all about, right?)



Second, Merge is the concept of taking the ideas and activities combining them into a person. Everything that people do adds to them, whether learning a new skill or simply learning of a new idea. By merging them with who we are, we are able to see things from new angles and ways to approach life’s obstacles and challenges.



Finally, Evolve is the concept of taking the ideas, concept, skills from activates and life in general, and become something new. Using what the best of what we learn, and incorporating them into us thus continuing to change into something better and limit misunderstanding, bigotry and hatred from our world. By all of us doing this we can continually making our work into a better place.



The hope of this site is to connect not only gamers, but also non-gamers (perhaps those just curious about this ever growing community) in new ways never before seen. The goals are to become an organization that uses video games to bring the communities and world together through the playing and understanding of them and their concepts and ideas.



This is an ever-evolving project, and will be constantly changing how to best accomplish these hopes and goals. But it will all happen here at E_Merzion. It your interested or just curious in seeing and watching E_Merzion grow into what it might become, and then E_Merzion invites you to explore the site and its other outlets. Welcome to E_Merzion.